Jerry Jones Claims He’ll ‘Walk Across Texas’ To Get Black Owners Into The NFL

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones denies making racist remarks about black representation in NFL front officers and instead says he’d go to great lengths to see more minority owners in the NFL.

Jones’ comments from after former NFL media reporter Jim Trotter sued the league, alleging racial discrimination.

Trotter alleges that Jones said: “If Blacks feel some kind of way, they should buy their own team and hire who they want to hire,”  in regards to the lack of Black professionals in decision making positions on NFL teams.

But Jones says that is wholly untrue.

“Some of the representation is not accurate. Just not accurate,” Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “But I do and want to and have worked very hard to get minority ownership in the NFL. Spent a lot of time, and I’m all for that, of course. Jim’s a friend, and I think a lot of him. I hate that we’ve got some litigation and hopefully we will address all of that, but the overall concern I would say is just not accurate.”

On the contrary, he says he would go to great lengths for more minority owners in the NFL.

“I love the National Football League,” Jones said. “I love football, and if we can improve it by having people that aren’t in ownership today in ownership, I’ll walk across Texas to do it.”

He even specifically cited new Washington Commanders minority stakeholder Magic Johnson.

“Magic is a great ambassador and I’d carry (him) piggyback to get him in the NFL,’‘ Jones said.

Jones says that while the NFL is lacking in minority ownership currently, it won’t be that way for long.

“If they aren’t here this minute, they’re on their way, because that’s what’s happening in this country,” he said. “And many of the people that recently have gotten involved in the NFL might not have been able to do it 20 years ago, so continuing to share thoughts and ideas with other people about being involved and from the ownership is something that I can speak to.”