Jersey Johnny Manziel Wore To Ride The Pine Is The Steal Of The Century At $6,250

Johnny Manziel knows memorabilia. And he should, because the market for Johnny Manziel memorabilia is white-hot.

One need look no further than the existence of this jersey worn by Mr. Football on the sidelines of the Cleveland Browns’ loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Nov. 23. For a paltry $6,250, it could be yours.

Now, it should be pointed out that the jersey is in perfect condition because Manziel didn’t play a damn down. Hell, it probably smells delightful. You could wear it out to classy affair.

God only knows how much the shirt worn by Manziel when he, you know, actually leads his team to a win, will fetch.

[H/T: FanSided]