Aaron Rodgers’ Big Plan For Jets Has Zach Wilson’s Career In Mind

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson

Getty Image / Rich Schultz

During a recent interview, Aaron Rodgers revealed his career plans for the New York Jets and it sounds like he’s thinking about Zach Wilson‘s future as well.

Many have wondered how long Rodgers will actually play in New York. Jets fans are probably happy to hear he wants to play for longer than just this season.

But what was eye-opening was Aaron Rodgers’ optimism about Zach Wilson’s career. Based on his comments, the future Hall of Famer is taking time to coach up Wilson.

During a sit down interview with Otis Livingston on CBS New York, the Jets’ starting quarterback mentions how he wants to set up Wilson to eventually take over for “15 years.”

Here is Aaron Rodgers’ full comment about the Jets and Zach Wilson.

“I think we’re gonna be competitive here for a long time. I’d like to be able to play a few good years here and then hand it right back off to Zach, and let him go for the next 15. It’d be a really special 18-20 year run of great quarterback play.”

Based on these comments, Rodgers is very clearly coaching up Wilson. Which is something he seemed reluctant to do for Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers.

With that said, Wilson might be the biggest winner of Rodgers joining the Jets. They’ve seemingly been getting along and he’s being coached up by one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

But based on the start to Wilson’s career, he’s going to have to make some major changes to fulfill Rodgers’ desires.

Only time will tell if Zach Wilson can put it together. But considering he has Aaron Rodgers in his corner, he’s obviously being setup for success.