Aaron Rodgers Shows Off That He Might Have A Future In Coaching In New ‘Hard Knocks’ Clip

aaron rodgers wearing a headset on the sidelines of a jets game

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While Aaron Rodgers didn’t actually play in the New York Jets’ appearance in the Hall of Fame Game last week doesn’t me he wasn’t involved at all.

In a new teaser from the upcoming premiere of Hard Knocks, Rodgers is shown dialing up a play for the Jets offense that saw second-string signal-caller Zach Wilson complete a 57-yard pass to wide receiver Malik Taylor

To Rodgers’ credit, he has seemingly taken on a genuine interest in helping Wilson grow as a player.

Last week, for example, Rodgers spoke to the media about Wilson and said he believes his time as a backup QB will be good for his career in the long run.

“I hope this time for him is like a deep inhale and exhale and he can really take a breath and pause and deal with the disappointment of last year and the frustration, and then channel it. I feel like he has, just re-channel it as a positive and focus on the opportunity in front of him to learn with a guy who loves him and cares about him and wants him to be great and wants him to do incredible things every day and be better,” Rodgers said of Wilson.

“He has played really, really well in camp. He’s made a number of great throws. He looks confident. His fundamentals are improving. He’s throwing the ball on time. He’s got all the intangibles. . . . I think he’ll look back years from now and be really thankful for this time to grow, to reset, to take a breath, and it’s gonna set him up for a nice long career in the league.”

Rodgers and the rest of the Jets, who kick off their 2023 campaign with a Monday Night Football game against the Buffalo Bills, head into the season with Super Bowl expectations.

Despite the fact that the franchise hasn’t earned a playoff berth since the 2010 season, which is good for the longest drought in the league, Rodgers’ arrival has vaulted them into Super Bowl contention, as only the Chiefs, Eagles, Bills, 49ers, Bengals, and Cowboys have better betting odds than Gang Green.

The first episode of the latest season of Hard Knocks will premiere on HBO and Max on Tuesday, August 8 at 10 p.m. EST. You can check out the full trailer for the upcoming Jets-focused season below.