Despite MNF Win, Jets’ Super Bowl Odds Tumble After Aaron Rodgers Injury

Aaron Rodgers stands on the field before a MNF matchup between the Jets and the Bills.

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Aaron Rodgers’ injury will have a significant impact on the New York Jets’ football season. We’re already seeing a notable drop in expectation at the sportsbooks.

The Jets’ Super Bowl odds have dipped drastically as they’ve fallen from a favorite to a longshot overnight.

Upon entering the Monday night matchup against Buffalo, New York was a trendy pick to win it all this NFL season. The team upgraded the roster, adding veteran playmakers in Rodgers and Dalvin Cook while also developing young offensive talent in Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall.

Unfortunately, on the first series of the season, the unit took a massive hit.

Rodgers went down with an Achilles injury before even recording a passing yard, and the offense struggled to consistently move the ball with Zach Wilson leading the charge.

Despite throwing for just 140 yards, the Jets escaped with an overtime win thanks to a fantastic defensive performance and an incredible punt return by Xavier Gipson. Still, that lack of offensive production will have many doubting New York’s championship chances.

Entering Monday, the Jets’ Super Bowl odds sat at 18/1. That was good enough to be considered one of the top 10 contenders in the NFL. Fast forward to Tuesday, and those odds have dropped significantly.

Following the Aaron Rodgers’ injury, the Jets have seen their Super Bowl chances fall to 50/1. For perspective, that would put New York just behind the Steelers, Seahawks, and Rodgers’ old team Green Bay.

Many were banking on a breakout performance in the Big Apple with Rodgers and Co. coming over to the AFC. Now, those tickets might be worthless.

Sportsbooks likely won’t refund those picks following the freak injury, either. Tough opener for New York, but at least they got the win.