The Detroit Tigers ‘New 1st Base Coach’ Might Be The Greatest Hire Of All Time

Jim Harbaugh is having the greatest offseason of any college football to ever coach football. Bros with Ric Flair? Sleepovers? Twitter polls? Monday Night RAW? Of course. And now? Now we have Jimmy Bro Harbaugh as first base coach of the Detroit Tigers. At least for a day.

Seriously, is there a happier man in the world?

I doubt it.

Check out this quote from Pirates manager Clint Hurdle:

I told him with his passion for stirring things up, why wouldn’t he just half the game, coach the game for the Pirates. I don’t think that’ll fly, but that’s right up his alley. I’ve encouraged him to try and get out early to spend some time with our group and our team before the Tigers get onto the field.

I couldn’t agree more. Jim Harbaugh is the most likable prick on the planet. The dude is simply magnetic.

[H/T @BleacherReport]