Legendary CFB Coach Jim Tressel Refuses To Pick Sides With Unique Outfit At Ohio State Game

Jim Tressel coached at both Ohio State and Youngstown State
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Jim Tressel’s tenure at Ohio State University was a defining era in Buckeyes history, but he was on the other side of Saturday’s college football matchup in Columbus. Or was he?!

Tressell was the head football coach at OSU from 2001 to 2010 and he left an indelible mark on the program. It won nine consecutive games against Michigan and won a national title in 2002, the school’s first since 1968. His teams were always characterized by strong defense and an offense that focused on controlling the ball through its run game.

Although Tressel won games, his time at Ohio State was not without controversy.

He ultimately resigned from his role in 2010 after an NCAA investigation found players guilty of violations for accepting improper benefits. The whole thing is rather comical and insignificant looking back now during the NIL era.

Despite the unfortunate exit, Tressel remains an important figure in Buckeyes history. The 70-year-old is still beloved in Columbus.

Tressel’s entire coaching career was an overwhelming success and saw him win more than 70% of his games. Beyond his winning ways, he was known for his signature look.

Jim Tressel always has and always will rock a sweater vest.

That remains true today. Tressel officially retired in February after serving as the university president at Youngstown State since 2014. Prior to his tenure as president and stint at Ohio State, he coached the Penguins football program from 1986-2000 and won four FCS national championships.

Thus, when Youngstown State marched into the Horseshoe for a shot at the Buckeyes on Saturday, Tressel’s sweater vest looked a little bit different. He was supporting both schools!

When asked about his interesting outfit choice, Tressel offered a very simple explanation. Neither he nor his wife could choose between the two schools, which both treated him very well.

Tressel is a College Football Hall of Famer. Rightfully so.

And on Saturday, no matter which team won, he could not lose.