JJ Redick Was Fed Up With Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo’s Awful NBA Opinions About Bob Cousy On ESPN’s First Take

JJ Redick


  • JJ Redick and Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo got into a heated debate over Bob Cousy and Chris Paul on ESPN’s First Take.
  • Redick hilariously stated that Cousy was guarded by ‘plumbers and firemen.”
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JJ Redick has had about enough with Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo and his awful NBA take.

In the past few months, Russo has gone viral several times for his bizarre basketball opinions on ESPN’s First Take.

During the latest episode of First Take, Redick nearly lost his mind when Russo tried to compare Bob Cousy to Chris Paul.

Redick: “He’s (Chris Paul) is an all-time great point guard, and if he wins a championship, he’s in the conversation for the greatest point guard of all time.”

Russo: “Oh no, he’s not. He’s not Bob Cousy.”

Redick: Bob Cousy couldn’t dribble with his left hand.”

The Cousy debate led to Redick hilariously stating that Cousy was playing against “firemen and plumbers” back in his heyday.

Russo: “Was Paul ever first-team All-NBA?”

Reddick: “Did Cousy ever shoot over 40 percent from the field in his career?”

Russo: “No…he also had 29 assists in an NBA game”

Reddick: Oh well, you know he was being guarded by plumbers and firemen.”