Joc Pederson Had The Best Answer For Why He Has Been Wearing A Pearl Necklace

Joc Pederson Has Great Answer For Why Hes Wearing A Pearl Necklace

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  • Atlanta Braves outfielder Joc Pederson has been doing something never seen before in Major League Baseball: wearing a pearl necklace during games.
  • At first, Pederson was vague when asked for the reason why he has been doing this, but eventually he gave a response that was pure savage.
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If you’ve happened to catch a recent Atlanta Braves game you may have noticed outfielder Joc Pederson wearing something that we’ve never seen anyone in Major League Baseball ever wear before: a pearl necklace.

Seriously. A whole strand of pearls.

The very unique accessory was revealed last week during one of Pederson’s at bats.

Ever since then, with the Braves clinching a playoff spot thanks to their fourth consecutive National League East title, Pederson has been proudly showing them off.

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At first, after homering in the third inning of the Braves 6-5 win over the Mets on Saturday night at Truist Park, Pederson was asked about his unusual choice of necklace and gave a very vanilla response.

“There’s not much behind [the pearl necklace],” Pederson said later. “I like it. It looks good.”

He continued, “It wasn’t something that was supposed to get this much media attention. It’s just something that I like. It’s getting blown way out of proportion.”

Not satisfied with that answer, Pederson was again asked about his pearls this week. His response this time was pure savage.

Fan reaction to Pederson’s reasoning for rocking a pearl necklace was also pretty awesome.

Pederson, who batted .238 with 18 home runs and 61 RBI with the Cubs and Braves this year, takes his pearls to Milwaukee’s American Family Field this Friday for Atlanta’s playoff opener with the first pitch scheduled to take place at 3:37 p.m. ET. Joc better be in the Braves’ starting nine.

UPDATE: Apparently the pearls are still golden as Pederson continued to rake and hit bombs during the Braves’ National League Championship Game win over the Dodgers Sunday night (and has upgraded his status from being a “bad b-tch” to a “bad motherf—er”).