This Video Of Joe Buck Reading 21 Years Of Promos For Failed Fox Shows During MLB Broadcasts Is Gold

The Grinder. Almost Human. K-Ville. Roar. Harsh Realm. Over Joe Buck’s 21-year career in the booth, he’s had to push some of the shittiest shows on television and sell them using pop words and phrases like “groundbreaking,” “highly anticipated,” “addictive drama,” and “the most dangerous comedy on television.”

YouTuber Matthew Cullen must’ve recently got laid off or something because he had a lot of time to wade through countless hours of broadcast to assemble this piece of art, which compiles Joe Buck’s promo reads from now-deduct shows. Granted, there were some certified hits in there like American Idol, Prison Break, The OC, and unfortunately, That 70’s Show. I guess a broken clock is still correct twice a day.

I hope you enjoyed this clip as much as I did. And don’t forget to catch the newest knee-slappingly hilarious comedy The Good Guys every Tuesday morning here on Fox.

[h/t Deadspin]



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