Joel Embiid Gets Fined $25k For Flipping Off Opponent During Game, Cursing During On-Court Interview

joel embiid flips off opponent

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Joel Embiid was dominant against the Hawks on Monday night putting up a season-high 49 points to go along with 14 rebounds in the 76ers 129-112 win. It was a great night for Embiid, up until the very end of the game that is.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, Embiid casually dribbled the ball across halfcourt to end the game, but Atlanta’s Kevin Huerter decided to sneak up behind Embiid for a meaningless steal to give the Hawks one more possession. As soon as Huerter stole the ball from Embiid, the big man immediately gave him the emphatic middle finger.

He was quick to apologize about flipping Huerter off during his postgame interview.

The bonehead yet not that surprising move from Embiid resulted in a $25,000 fine. According to a statement from the NBA, Embiid was slapped with the fine due to flipping the bird as well as cursing during an on-court interview.

Flipping a guy off in that particular situation isn’t too wild of an initial reaction for us regular folks (or maybe just met), but it definitely is if you’re, ya know, an NBA player in the middle of an actual game. It’s weird, but the cameras that are constantly rolling during live-action did indeed capture the gesture.

There really is no chill when it comes to Embiid.

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