Joel Embiid’s Reaction To His ‘NBA 2K18’ Rating Is Awesome, Says He Should Be ‘At Least A 95’

joel embiid reaction NBA 2K18 rating video

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As anyone who follows the NBA and in particular Sixers big man Joel Embiid on social media knows, “The Process” is one of the funniest guys in sports. Whether he’s ripping LaVar Ball, mocking Phil Jackson, or asking Instagram models if he can see their feet, dude is freaking hilarious.

So naturally, when Embiid saw what his new rating would be for the upcoming release of NBA 2K18 (really, already?) his reaction was, as always, priceless.

When he found out that he was only going to be rated 86 his response was, “That’s bull crap. I’m not going to curse. I just got fined.” As for what he thinks his rating should be, he believes he should be “at least” a 95. Hilarious.

Hey, Joel, while I love the confidence and the fact that you can take soccer players like Paul Pogba to school…

LeBron James is the only one ever to get a 95 in any of the NBA2K games.

Later, on Twitter, Embiid figured that his “Durability” rating must have dragged him down.

Playing in just 31 games out of 82 will do that.

Paul George, however, seemed pretty happy with his 91 rating…

Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, also thought he should be a 95, you know, since he’s on the cover…