Joel Embiid Says There Are ‘So Many Hoes’ In Kansas

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We have documented the awesomeness of rookie 76ers center Joel Embiid quite a bit this off-season. In a new interview, however, Embiid SOUNDS like he’s discussing the “dating” (he’s saying “did it” while discussing Twitter) scene at Kansas. His answer was pretty candid: “So many hoes.”

Let’s remember he’s Cameroonian, so before everyone gets all pissy, let’s just chalk this up as a cultural/mispronunciation thing. Maybe he doesn’t realize that saying things like this on TV sends sports Twitter into a tizzy? OK?

Update: Some people are saying “rules” instead of “hoes.” I’m sorry, but I’m just not hearing it. It sounds very clearly like “hoes.” He makes a very obvious “OH” sound, not “ULES.” I don’t hear an “L” at all. I DEFINITELY don’t hear an “R.”

But whatever. Chill our Kansas fans and let us giggle. As you were, Joel.

[H/T: 700 Level]

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