Joey Votto Denied Nationals Fans A Souvenir Baseball He Had Caught Twice In A Row Last Night

A good rivalry can’t begin and end either between opposing players or opposing fans. They have to exist beyond the normal constraints of social circles. Fans have to hate players and players have to hate fans. As a NY Giants fan, I don’t want Tom Brady or Tony Romo to like me. I want them to threaten to rip my head off and shit down the bleeding neck stump when they see me in the streets. I don’t want their autographs or charity.

Which is why I’m all over Joey Votto refusing to give fans from the opposing team the baseballs when they called for. Why? Because it’s his job to keep them in line, that’s why. Stay in your lane, Nats fans. Votto ain’t yours to clap for.

Chilling. Even colder? He did it again.

[h/t Busted Coverage]