ESPN’s John Clayton Did A Live ‘SportsCenter’ Segment In A Slayer Cut-Off And The World’s Now A Better Place

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Remember that “This is SportsCenter” commercial from a few years ago that caused everyone to freak the fuck out because John Clayton—the nerdy looking football analyst who knows EVERYTHING about the NFL and is nicknamed “The Professor” wore a cut-off Slayer t-shirt in it? Turns out Clayton channeled his inner heavy metal band FOR REAL last night on SportsCenter, rocking that very shirt.

Clayton, who looks more like Mr. Mackey from South Park than he does a football guru, is a huge Slayer fan, with him being spotted at a number of the band’s shows over the years.

After Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook recently tried to pull off Clayton’s Slayer look, The Professor must’ve taken notice and wanted to prove that he is and always will be the biggest fan of the band—even if he had this to say about who wore it better, via SportsCenter:

“[Westbrook] had to work to get into this thing,” Clayton said on SportsCenter. “When you have to work that hard and to give appreciation to Slayer, I’ve got to give it to Russell. So keep shooting those shots and keep the fashion going.”

Always the humble analyst, but I think Clayton’s look wins.

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