Bears Coach John Fox And His ‘Nipple Analysis’ Is The Latest In Bizarre NFL Combine Chatter

We’ve already documented some of the hilariously bizarre and twisted questions that players get asked by scouts at the NFL Combine, but let’s not forget about some of the razor sharp, standalone quotes that come from NFL head coaches.

Like today, with Bears coach John Fox during his press conference in Indy, where the combine is always held.

While discussing the intangibles of a player — grit, heart, fearlessness! — Fox opted to start talking about left nipples:

In an effort to be fair to Fox, let’s allow for the full quote to be seen:

Yeah, it’s still not making a ton of sense at first glance. But this could be the most interesting way someone has ever used to describe a player’s heart.

In fact, I’m gonna start using it: “I really like what I’m seeing here guys, but what exactly do you think we’re getting behind that left nipple?”

Perhaps if Fox had said “left pectoral” it would have been more obvious he was talking about heart. Or maybe if he just said HEART. Instead, he went straight to the nip and, in turn, has set an awesome tone for the NFL Combine. So we do thank him for that.

Additionally, and this is important, I enjoy that in the photo above it appears that Jim Caldwell is sternly preventing a surly John Fox from touching his left nipple.

[H/T BearsWire]