John Lackey Gave One Of The Greatest Post-Game Interviews Ever After The Cubs Clinched The NL Central

john lackey post game interview cubs clinch

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The Chicago Cubs clinched the NL Central title once again with a 5 to 1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday. One of the reasons for that was the pitching of 15-year vet John Lackey who allowed just two hits in six innings to get the big W.

After the game, while his team was going nuts celebrating in the dugout, Lackey proceeded to give one of the greatest IDGAF post-game interviews ever recorded.

“I’m always one out closer to the beer” is my new motto.

Then again…

“I didn’t come here for no fucking haircut” is a pretty good line too, even if have absolutely zero idea what that meant.

Perhaps the reason Lackey decided not to hold anything back is because, at least according to Cubs pitcher Jon Lester, Wednesday’s game was probably Lackey’s last regular season start…ever.

“I’ve learned a lot about this game from this guy, and I’m sure you have to,” shouted Lester. “He’s one of the best teammates and one of the best people I’ve ever got to play with. Tonight is probably his last regular season start. Here’s to one hell of a fucking career.”

What a night…

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I need to hear that one more time…