John Wall Just Pulled Off The Greatest Finesse Of The Offseason By Exercising His $47M Player Option With Houston

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  • John Wall is exercising his $47 million player option with the Rockets
  • This comes after he missed the entire 2021 season amid a team dispute
  • Houston plans to trade the star guard before the 2022 campaign

John Wall just pulled off the greatest heist of the NBA offseason.

The star guard has successfully finessed the Houston Rockets by exercising his $47 million player option for the upcoming season. He’s now guaranteed that $47 mil, whether it comes from Houston or another suitor.

The Rockets have been trying to deal Wall ever since last season. In fact, the two sides essentially came to an agreement ahead of the 2021 season that Wall would sit out while the team tried to deal him elsewhere. That trade obviously never happened.

When Wall discussed the possibility of returning to the lineup, the Rockets wouldn’t put him on the court. This, after the guard averaged more than 20 points a night in his 40 appearances with the team the year prior. Houston preferred that Wall come off the bench while the five-time All-Star wanted a starting role.

Instead, the team wanted to give more focus to rising stars Jalen Green and Kevin Porter, Jr. Now, the Rockets could be on the hook for paying expensive price tag of a player they chose to stash on the bench.

Fans react to John Wall’s decision with Rockets

Nobody can blame Wall for taking the money. He might feel wronged by the Rockets and sees this as a way to get back at the organization. And hey, $47 million is $47 million.

Fans have been quick to react to the news on social media.

If Houston is unable to trade the guard, Wall and his team are expected to work towards a buyout option with the Rockets.

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