John Wall Body Bags Colin Cowherd For Saying He’s Never Made A Teammate Better

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  • John Wall is lashing back at radio host Colin Cowherd for saying he’s never made a teammate better
  • The feud has led to quite the reaction from the NBA world
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Colin Cowherd was heard discussing some NBA Finals notes on Monday following the Warriors’ big win over the Celtics.

His main area of focus was a defense of Draymond Green, who caught a lot of criticism for his aggressive style of play in Game 2. That aggression landed him nearly as many technical fouls as field goals made.

Despite the low scoring output, Green did put together a solid performance that saw him dish out seven assists, grab five boards, and shoot 66% from the field. He was also a menace on defense.

Cowherd’s point to his listeners was to show Green’s impact on the game outside of the box score. He doesn’t need to notch a triple-double to make his presence known.

Unfortunately, there were a few players left catching stray insults in Cowherd’s defense of Draymond.

One of those players was John Wall. Cowherd, while trying to back Green, used Wall as an example of a player who’s never made his teammates better.

“John Wall has never made a teammate better… Draymond Green has made every teammate he’s ever played with better.”

Wall didn’t take Cowherd’s kindly and was quick to respond on social media.

John Wall rips Colin Cowherd for recent comments

It didn’t take long for Wall to respond to Cowherd’s comments. He fired back with a reply on Twitter.

“Lol this guy is a joke”

Wall has averaged more than nine assists a game throughout his career, leading the league in the category in 2013-14. He’s also been solid on defense, posting an average of 1.7 steals as a pro, again, leading the league in the category in 2016-17.

Both of those totals rank higher that Green, seemingly discrediting Cowherd’s point. The radio host specifically noted Green’s ability as a defender and the fact that he led his team in assists in Game 2.

He also mentioned Green’s ability to stay on the court. Wall has averaged just under 36 minutes a game over his 10-year career. Once again, that mark is much higher than Green’s mark of 28.5 minutes per outing.

Finally, Wall’s career Value Over Replacement Player mark of 24 is higher than the 23.1 mark set for Green, though we will admit that Draymond’s overall defensive numbers have been much better. But playing defense isn’t the only way to help elevate the play of your teammates.

Oh, and Wall has more than doubled Green’s scoring output on top of that. Seems that Wall’s made quite an impact on games throughout his career, too.

Many others were quick to back Wall.

NBA world backs John Wall

Nobody’s discounting Green’s ability to impact a game, but Cowherd’s ridiculous slight at Wall holds no water.

Maybe, just maybe, the supporting cast can also impact the play of Green. Without the likes of Steph, Klay, and KD, the public view of the Warriors forward might not be as high.