Johnny Manziel Allegedly Rented A House Using A Fake Name To Throw Drug-Fueled Parties


Johnny Manziel is in a bit of hot water for trashing a rental home during his constant partying in LA.

According to TMZ Sports, Manziel rented an apartment under a new alias before proceeding to cause over $40K in damages to the place by throwing drug fueled ragers


The man behind the suit is Nicholas Goodwin — who says he was approached by a man who called himself “Travis” about renting the 5,000 square foot pad back in April. When “Travis” showed up to the home, Nick recognized it was really Johnny Manziel.

In his suit, filed by attorney Niki Ghazian, Goodwin says Manziel wanted to rent the place for two nights — and said he’d keep things low key … even agreeing to pay a huge fine if more than 15 people came to the house at one time.

But Goodwin says instead of low key, Manziel went berserk — with huge ragers in the house involving guests who “were consuming drugs and alcohol on the property.”
Goodwin says things got so crazy cops were even called to the home at one point

Eventually, Goodwin says he had to call for “hazardous material clean up” to pick up the “narcotics” that were left behind.
Now, he’s demanding more than $40,000 — which includes a $10,000 party penalty plus thousands in damages for things like expensive rugs, broken glasses, tables, bathroom doors, statues, couches and more.

Wonder if Manziel wore his blonde wig when he went to meet up with the real estate broker.