Johnny Manziel Still Slaying The Club Scene, Spotted Double-Fisting At A Bar In Austin

Johnny Manziel, as most of you are aware, recently signed up to finish his degree in recreation, parks and tourism sciences at Texas A&M.

He said he was doing it because he wanted to get back to his roots and get a degree like he told his parents he would.

Well, he’s definitely got the “getting back to his roots” part down as this is now the second time this week JFF has been spotted at a bar in Texas, this time double-fisting drinks in Austin.

According to TMZ

Manziel recently revealed he re-enrolled in classes at Texas A&M — and clearly, he’s adopted the college student mentality … because the 23-year-old went raging like your average coed on Tuesday night.

This video was shot at The Rooftop On 6th … after Manziel had already hit up several other bars in the area.

Unclear what he’s drinking, but sources at the bar tell us it wasn’t water or a Shirley Temple … or anything else non-alcoholic.

Can someone just pull the trigger and get this dude his own reality show now? Gotta strike while the iron is hot. I know that I would certainly watch the shit out of that show.

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