We’ve Obtained Johnny Manziel’s Scouting Report From the New England Patriots

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UPDATE: Last night, Johnny Manziel dropped all the way to the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, to the surprise of many. As Johnny Football’s stock plummeted before our eyes, a tipster, who is close to BroBible family, contacted us saying that he obtained Johnny Manziel’s scouting report from a New England Patriots employee. He then sent us the PDF file of said scouting report. After vetting the document and ascertaining that the author of the original document is a member of the Patriots organization, we feel it is an official New England Patriots document. The report was offered to several other media outlets, but due to our relationship with the source we were given the exclusive.

The Patriots intel doesn’t exactly paint Manziel in a favorable light, knocking his off-the-field work ethic, personal life choices, and although it stops short of calling him a locker room cancer, it says there is resentment from his teammates “in the offseason when he isn’t coming to workouts and they are busting their butt.” The report goes on to question the family he comes from, noting that it’s a family with “outlaw bloodlines,” whatever the hell that means.

The Patriots’ report does, however, praise his size saying that Manziel boasts, “High, knotted calves, with pretty gd. thickness through the thighs and bubble” and that that he has “big hands and feet.”

It’s unclear if similar conclusions were reached by the other 31 NFL teams, but it certainly highlights concerns about the Heisman Trophy winner.

Here are some of the excerpts

On his family:

  • From the vibe of online articles, father seems a little too involved and overstepping his boundaries.
  • Vibe on this guy keeps getting worse. Support staff members are sick of him and ready for him to go. Described as a cocky, me-guy.
  • Loves football, FBI is high as well. Everything has been pretty well-documented in online articles about the kid, but sources say he’s a spoiled brat (grandfather gives him allowance, father bought him luxury car).
  • Comes from ‘outlaw bloodlines’, mom moved the family to Kerrville to get away from father’s wild family. Father’s family is said to be very shady people, always into something, they are the root of Johnny’s personality.

On his psyche:

  • Couple of TXTC sources say can’t yell/scream at him or he shuts down; has walked away from Kingsbury in the past.

On his work ethic:

  • Doesn’t study the game, said to know about 60% of the offense in ’12, never watches film; one source said only time he watched film during ’12 was before ALUN.
  • Knows how to scheme the system, arrogant and full of himself, but he’s not smug to coaches. Has been like this since Day 1, has never gone to class, goes to beat of own drum, but has ultimate confidence.

On how his teammates view him:

  • Teammates don’t dislike him, but there’s some resentment, more so in the offseason when he isn’t coming to workouts and they are busting their butt.

The full report is below.

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johnny manziel patriots scouting report

johnny manziel patriots scouting report


We reached out to the Patriots organization but our request for comment was not immediately returned. We also understand that the report has an old Patriots logo. Considering that the document was an ongoing update of Manziel, and created before their logo change, we determined that detail was minor and not something we should base the report’s validity on.

UPDATE: Bill Belichick Discusses the Leaked Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

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