Jonathan Gannon Erases Any Kyler Murray Doubts While Revealing Reason He Took Cardinals HC Job

Kyler Murray

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Arizona Cardinals have been quite busy this offseason after bringing in a new coaching staff. However, all eyes are still on Kyler Murray.

He’s currently healing from a knee injury that could have him sidelined for half of the 2023 season. Additionally, many sports fans are losing faith in Murray as well.

With that said, new head coach, Jonathan Gannon erases any doubts about Kyler Murray in his latest statement.

According to Peter King, Gannon reveals if that Murray wasn’t on this team he wouldn’t have taken the Cardinals head coaching job.

Jonathan Gannon truly believes in Kyler Murray. He had even more to say about the young quarterback, per King. “This guy does things that it completely handcuffs you how you play defense at times. I think we can take him to another level and unleash his full skill set.”

With that said, the Cardinals’ offense might be looking a bit different once Murray returns. For starters, Gannon aims to place Kyler Murray under center more often. In his opinion, it will give Arizona “two significant offenses,” per Pro Football Talk.

He explains it further, “the way to take pressure off the quarterback and the O-line is to put him under center at times. That’s the missing piece I thought they had with Kyler. They were in gun all the time. When you’re in gun all the time, you don’t make the defense defend certain play types.”

We’ll see how it plays out. Kyler Murray of course must recover fully from his knee injury. Until then, fans will likely continue to speculate about the young quarterback.