Jordan Spieth’s Caddie, Michael Greller, Gave His Reaction To The Masters Meltdown In A Heartfelt Facebook Post

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The Armchair Quarterbacks (or whatever you would call golf’s version of that) came out in full force after Jordan Spieth’s monumental collapse at the 2016 Masters. Every dickbag with an opinion (including this dickbag) made certain to give their super important thoughts on the matter.

Giving an opinion is easy to do when you sit on your couch, void of the kind of talent and resolve it actually takes to be an elite athlete. And the crazy thing is, we give these unsolicited opinions knowing full well that we probably couldn’t break 90 at Augusta. Hell, breaking 100 would probably be an accomplishment in the conditions this past weekend. But we spew our thoughts anyway, because when we watch professional golf, we expect every shot inside of 150-yards to be no more than 20 feet from the hole. We expect that kind of precision, especially from the best players in the world. That’s why when Jordan Spieth unexpectedly shit the bed on Sunday everyone was A) shocked and B) quick to make wild assumptions about the lasting impact this would have one him, a person that none of us actually know.

Maybe a lot of people assume that it will haunt him forever because he shows his emotions and he allowed us to see the frustration and disappointment on his face. Buy maybe we should throw his outward frustration out the window and instead take into consideration the fact that even after the quadruple bogy from hell, he immediately bounced back. He didn’t do enough to come all the way back — the blow was too severe and he had too few holes left to make a historic turn around — but he also didn’t let the 12th hole cripple him and send his round into a complete tailspin. He almost made a full comeback. If he holes that short birdie putt on 16, he likely plays a better bunker shot on 17 and gives himself a shot for a tie on 18. It didn’t happen, but he fought back. And he did so when he could have easily packed it in and spent the next 6 holes feeling sorry for himself. This was actually a completely different reaction than Rory McIlroy had after duck-hooking his ball out of bounds on the 10th hold at the 2011 Masters when he had a 4 stroke lead. If you recall, Rory’s mistakes snowballed and he never recovered. Look at his scorecard. He shot a fucking 80! And he made ZERO birdies after holes 10-12 took the green jacket from him.


That’s not what happened to Spieth, though. Faced with almost the same circumstances, he fought. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about Jordan Spieth.

My take is that Jordan Spieth will be just fine. He will take this heartbreak and use it to his benefit. But don’t take it from me, an opinionated dick bag who, for the record, would probably break 80 at Augusta (total lie), take it from Michael Greller, the man who knows Jordan Spieth better than the rest of us.




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