Jorge Masvidal Reveals Michel Pereira’s Wife DMed Him After Pereira Accused Him Of Sliding In Her DMs

  • Michel Pereira wants to fight Jorge Masvidal because he believes Masvidal slid in his wife’s DMs.
  • Masvidal revealed that Pereira’s wife DMed him first.
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Michel Pereira may have made a mistake calling out Jorge Masvidal.

After his UFC Vegas 55 fight on Saturday night, Pereira called out Masvidal for sliding in his wife’s DMs.

“I really want to fight Nate Diaz because I think it’d be really fun to slap each other around,” “I think it’d be a really fun fight. I think we’d put on a show for all the fans.”

“And also, Jorge Masvidal because I have a little bit of a problem with him, and I want to settle it.”

“So he sent an emoji to my wife – the emoji with the two hands together like (praying),” “He sent it to my wife and didn’t send it to me. And you know, I never actually crossed paths with him, never had the chance to ask him. So I figured, you know, I really want to understand, but might as well understand inside the octagon. So we’ll just settle it over there.”

Masvidal responded to Pereira’s callout by revealing that Pereira’s wife had DMed him first, and he was only responding to her comment.

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