Josh Allen Downplays Fight At Bills Practice While Teammates Bicker In The Background

Josh Allen and Bills teammates

Getty Image / Eric Espada

Reports indicate the Buffalo Bills had a rather intense practice, as the offense and defense were at each others throats with Josh Allen in the middle of it.

So much so, at one point a fight broke out. Later, Allen tried downplaying the incident only for his teammates to argue loudly in the background.

According to Heather Prusak, Bills players Tyrel Dodson and Spencer Brown got into it. She claims that “Dodson was swinging a helmet around and Josh Allen was livid, screaming at him to cut it out.”

That’s quite the altercation. It’s never a good sign when a guy starts swinging a helmet around like it’s a weapon.

However, during the post-practice presser, Josh Allen tried downplaying the entire situation when he was asked about it. Which, to his credit, is probably the best approach to take when discussing a fight at practice.

But things got awkward when suddenly some of his teammates were heard bickering with each other loudly in the background. It was kind of an awkward moment for the superstar quarterback. But all he could do was smile.

Here’s the clip from Matthew Bové of WKBW.

It’s that time of year when fights breakout during training camp. Sometimes it happens between teammates while other times it happens during a joint practice with another organization.

Fights like these are nothing new and is kind of just part of the process for most NFL teams.

With that said, there should be nothing to worry about for the Bills right now, especially considering Josh Allen seemingly took control of the situation. That’s just a perfect example of great leadership, if anything.