Watch: Multiple Fights Break Out Between Ravens-Commanders In Joint Practice; Mark Andrews Body Slams CB

Ravens Commanders

John Jones/Getty Image

A series of heated altercations disrupted the joint practice between the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Commanders.

The clashes unfolded after a confrontation between Commanders’ 2023 1st round draft pick, cornerback Emmanuel Forbes, and Ravens wide receiver Tylan Wallace escalated into a physical altercation involving exchanged punches.

As tensions continued to simmer, the intensity escalated further with another brawl involving Ravens offensive tackle Morgan Moses and an unidentified opponent from the Commanders.

The altercation drew the attention of tight end Mark Andrews and defensive tackle Daron Payne, who joined the fray with a war of words, according The Athletic’s Ben Standig.

The situation took a more dramatic turn when tensions escalated between Ravens’ Mark Andrews and Commanders’ cornerback Danny Johnson.

The fiery exchange culminated in Andrews body-slamming Johnson, marking a shocking and concerning moment during the practice.

Amidst the chaos, Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh took swift action, rallying both teams to come together and restore order.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the competitive and passionate nature of the NFL training camps, where emotions can often run high as players vie for starting positions and seek to make their mark on the field.