Awkward Handshake Between Commanders’ Owner And Joe Buck Has The Internet Laughing Out Loud

Josh Harris speaks at a New Jersey Devils ceremony.

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An awkward handshake between NFL commentator Joe Buck and Commanders owner Josh Harris has folks on the internet losing it. The interaction came during an in-game interview in Monday’s preseason game between Washington and Baltimore.

In the cringy moment, Buck extends his hand to emphasize a point while speaking with Harris. The owner mistakenly took it as a friendly greeting, leading to the embarrassing exchange.

Harris took over as the Commanders’ owner following the departure of Dan Snyder. The businessman is a managing partner for the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers, so he’s not new to sports team ownership.

He purchased the Washington franchise with a record-setting $6.05 billion deal, which was approved unanimously by league owners.

Not even a full preseason in, though, and he’s making headlines for the wrong reason.

While chatting about his new venture with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Harris caught himself in an embarrassing situation.

Fans and media immediately responded to the exchange as they posted reactions online.

A handshake gone miserably wrong.


We’ve all been there before.

Troy Aikman holding back his laughter is maybe the best part of the clip.

Despite the embarrassing start, Harris will have to do much worse than this to get to the level of his predecessor.