Josh Jacobs Addresses Contract Situation With Subtle Message For Future RBs

Josh Jacobs

Getty Image / Chris Unger

It’s the middle of June now and Josh Jacobs has yet to sign his franchise tender. Luckily, the Las Vegas Raiders have until July 17 to work a deal with him.

However, things might be a little more complicated than previously believed, as Jacobs’ latest message suggests he’s asking for a massive deal.

On Saturday, Josh Jacobs addressed his contract situation on Twitter. From the sounds of it, the Raiders’ star has future running backs in mind for his upcoming payday.

If that’s the case, then that means Jacobs might be asking for a massive deal the Raiders may not be able to offer.

It’s currently unknown what he’s asking for. However, if it’s an amount the Raiders refuse to pay, why wouldn’t they opt to sign Dalvin Cook or Ezekiel Elliott for much cheaper?

We’ll see how this contract situation plays out for Josh Jacobs. Ideally, he reaches a deal with the Raiders and continues to be a major asset for the offense.

But if he’s truly trying to be an example for future running backs in the league, then Las Vegas may end up moving on.

With that said, this is certainly a situation to monitor, as Jacobs is a major contributor to this team. Losing him could be detrimental on the upcoming season.

Maybe one day the NFL will create a better pay system for running backs, as the position has lost a ton of value over the years. Until then, Jacobs is taking a risk late in the offseason.