Justice Department Signs SDSU Players To NIL Deals In Attempt To Promote Fentanyl Awareness And Prevention

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Getty Image / Mitchell Layton

The US Department of Justice has created a unique way to promote fentanyl awareness and prevention after signing San Diego State basketball players to NIL deals.

Usually, we see companies sign college athletes as a way to advertise and build their brand. Which has changed the college sports landscape completely.

The DOJ’s deal with SDSU players is a one-of-a-kind NIL signing that is totally unique and different from what we’ve normally seen. According to ON3, “the players will promote fentanyl awareness and prevention through social media efforts.”

However, the DOJ is not the only partner in this NIL deal with players on the SDSU basketball team, per On3. “Also involved in the deal are the U.S. Attorney’s Office, San Diego City Attorney’s Office, and the MESA Foundation collective.”

So, we should be seeing plenty of social media posts of SDSU players describing the dangers of fentanyl. Additionally, they will also share information about where you can find Narcan in case of an overdose, via On3.

“Narcan is a medicine that rapidly reverses the effects of opioids to prevent fatal overdoses.”

US Attorney Andrew R. Haden released a statement about the NIL deal between the DOJ and the SDSU basketball team.

“We are willing to do whatever it takes to save lives and spread the word that fentanyl is still claiming many lives, and every one of us can and must take action to prevent fatal overdoses. I’d like to thank the incredible SDSU student-athletes, who did not hesitate to answer our call for help. They have graciously used their celebrity and influence for the most important cause: Keeping fellow students from making a fatal mistake with fentanyl.”

There is already a short clip available on YouTube where multiple SDSU players send a message about how dangerous fentanyl is.

When it comes down to it, this is quite possibly the most important NIL deal in college sports right now. Fentanyl has been running rampant throughout the USA.

So, it definitely doesn’t hurt to raise awareness about the dangerous drug and how to prevent it.