Justin Fields’ Latest Apology Has Led to Fans Roasting Jets QB Zach Wilson

Justin Fields' Apology Has Led to Fans Roasting Jets QB Zach Wilson

Getty Image / Boston Globe

Zach Wilson has received plenty of flack after his dismissive response in the New York Jets postgame interview. However, he’s now getting absolutely torched again. All thanks to the sudden news of Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields showing a massive amount of leadership after the loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

According to Albert Breer, Fields took the time to apologize “to his teammates after Chicago’s loss to the Falcons in the lockerroom postgame.” It sounds like the Bears’ quarterback specifically directed his apology to the defense.

On top of that, it sounds like the Bears’ locker room is a lot closer because of it, per Albert Breer. Justin Fields took it amongst himself to put the defense at ease, but they reportedly “stopped him as he was finishing the apology, told him they had his back.”

As you can imagine, everyone is now roasting Zach Wilson. He did pretty much the exact opposite after the Jets’ offense played substantially worse than the Bears. He’s looked dreadful as of late while Justin Fields is thriving. Even so, Wilson is taking the brunt of the reaction to this news drop.

This really is a bad look for the Jets’ quarterback though.

Accountability really does go a long way.

It feels like the Bears might have a good one in Justin Fields. However, his leadership skills are bringing the team closer together. Maybe Zach Wilson figures it out down the road. But for now, it’s not looking great in New York.