Kadarius Toney Deletes Social Media Profile After Getting Torched By NFL Fans For Brutal Season-Opener

Kadarius Toney deletes Twitter account after Chiefs Lost
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Kadarius Toney had a really brutal start to the 2023 NFL season as the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Detroit Lions at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night. His night couldn’t have been much worse.

Multiple factors contributed to the loss. It was not entirely Toney’s fault.

However, having the 24-year-old wide receiver on the field resulted in a net negative for the home team. His lone reception went for just one yard. His lone rush attempt went for negative one yard.

Had that been all, it would have been disappointing but irrelevant. Unfortunately, Toney had multiple drops that proved costly in big moments.

The lowlight of the evening came in the third quarter when a quick dig route drop resulted in a pick six. Toney also let a key first down slip through his fingers late in the third quarter and then dropped a big play while Kansas City trailed by one point late in the fourth quarter.

Had he held onto the ball, it would have put the Chiefs in the red zone with a chance to win. He did not hold onto the ball and the Chiefs lost.

Toney has had a lot of haters throughout his young career and they were out in force on Thursday. NFL fans all over the country, including those in Kansas City, were ruthless toward the third-year pass-catcher and roasted him online.

Kadarius Toney is fed up with the chatter.

The former first round pick has not lived up to his billing thus far. Injuries have kept Toney from playing in more than 10 games in each of his first two years, which is not his fault, but his production has been limited when healthy. Thursday was rough.

It appears as though Toney hit his breaking point following the Week 1 loss. His account disappeared from X, formerly known as Twitter, shortly after the game finished. It no longer exists.

Kadarius Toney deletes Twitter account after Chiefs Lost

The good thing is that the Chiefs probably would not have won the Super Bowl last season without Toney’s crucial punt return.

Maybe Chiefs fans will remember what he has done in the past and give him a pass, for now. Either way, no matter who is saying what online, Toney won’t see it!