This Fan’s Footage Of Kalisto’s Finishing Move Off A 15-Foot Ladder At WWE’s TLC Is Utter Insanity

by 3 years ago

Kalisto WWE TLC

During the first match of last night’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV – a three way tag-team championship bout – WWE superstar Kalisto unleashed his Salida del Sol finisher on Jey Uso from atop a 15-foot ladder, sending both men plummeting the canvas below but not before crashing through ANOTHER ladder.

It’s being called one of the wildest finishers in WWE history, and it’s easy to understand why. Here’s what it looked like to have a front row vantage point of Kalisto’s devastating backflip maneuver.


Yeah, me either. Same with this move the Lucha Dragons man pulled off before the Salida del Sol stunt.

And I don’t know why, but watching Kalisto flop around after jumping out of the ring like a soccer player/just caught fish cracks me up every time.

Cue the “This is awesome” chants!

[via Twitter/Jack Supino]

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