Kawhi Leonard Reveals The Genesis Of His Bizarre ‘Board Man Gets Paid’ Trash Talk

Harry How/Getty Images

This week, we learned that Kawhi Leonard stores human body parts in the freezer and throws the M&M’s out of trail mix.

This natural conclusion comes in the wake of Kawhi’s college teammates revealing the odd trash talk he’d use while playing at San Diego State. The two-time first-team All-Mountain West Conference guard would say things like “Bucket. Bucket.” when the ball went through the net or repeatedly say “No. No. No. No” on defense. If he were grabbing a rebound, he’d say in a monotone voice, “Board man” or “Board man gets paid.”

Kawhi’s former coach, Justin Hutson, said:

If I heard it once, I heard it 50 times. “Board man. I’m a board man.” That’s what he said. Absolutely. “I’m a board man. Yeah, I’m a board man. Board man gets paid.” He spoke in phrases like that.

After the Raptors Game 3 win, Kawhi spoke about the viral news without cracking a smile.

“I used to say that back when I was in high school and college, just wanting to get to this league. It’s about working hard, outworking an opponent. Rebounds help you win games, big rebounds, offensive rebounds, limiting the team to one shot. That used to be our motto, some of us in college (who) were trying to get to this point.”

Board man does get paid. Board man gets paid $20 million this season in salary alone. The dude may be an oddball, but he ain’t wrong.

[h/t For the Win]