Ex-Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons ‘It’s Getting Hot’ TikTok Goes Viral


Tony Marshall/Getty Image

Everyone’s favorite former volleyball star, Kayla Simmons, has traded in her jersey for another viral moment.

With over 6.6 million followers combined on TikTok and Instagram, Kayla’s social media game is so strong that even the internet’s Wi-Fi is struggling to keep up.

Kayla back from her luxurious Greek vacation, where she casually strolled through Santorini and Mykonos, making the rest of us question why our idea of a summer break involves a half-eaten bag of chips on the couch.

But enough about her vacation – let’s talk about her latest Insta-shenanigans. In her most recent post, Kayla is sporting a fashion statement that can only be described as “bold.” I mean, who needs a shirt when you’ve got an orange bikini top and a white skirt? And to add some musical flair to the whole ordeal, she’s belting out “It’s Getting Hot” by NLE Choppa.


Kayla’s has been making some other viral headlines lately.

First, there was the time she flashed Santorini with a topless show – And then let’s not forget her daring move to lay down for a tan in a red bikini in Mykonos.

Oh, and for the grand finale, Kayla recently risked a big wardrobe malfunction while sporting a Pam Anderson red bathing suit in the bathroom.

So, in case you were wondering, the summer might be ending but Kayla Simmons isn’t slowing down.