Keith Olbermann Blasts Everyone Involved In Ray Rice Cover-Up, Calls For Roger Goodell’s Resignation

Keith Olbermann, like most NFL and TV pundits, is fired up about the Ray Rice situation.

Rice was cut and suspended infinitely. Too little, too late.

Keith Olbermann wants to take it a step further. Keith Olbermann wants everyone involved in the entire Ray Rice situation to resign immediately, from Atlantic County, NJ prosecutors, to the judge in the case, to NFL legal counsel, to Ravens’ management and even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Keith Olbermann explained why all must step down in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal on his show Olbermann on ESPN.

“No matter what actions were taken today against Rice, or what might be taken in the future, none of them have any remaining credibility and each must leave or be expelled from their current position. The league, the team, the prosecutors, either white-washed Ray Rice’s brutal assault without ever having seen this video or they saw and whitewashed Rice’s brutal assault anyway.” — Keith Olbermann, Olbermann

Keith Olbermann on Ray Rice Video Footage and NFL Response