ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Thinks One Contender Needs To Trade For Damian Lillard

Blazers guard Damian Lillard

Getty Image / Alex Goodlett

The window for the Philadelphia 76ers to win their first NBA title since 1983 is closing quickly. The roster is aging, Joel Embiid’s health is precarious, and James Harden is a free agent. But, former NBA center and ESPN personality Kendrick Perkins thinks that the answer to their problems may be future hall-of-fame Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.

Dame is one of the league’s best players and doesn’t seem to be slowing down with age. The mid major star from Weber State is somehow already 32, but made his seventh NBA All-Star Game last season. He averaged 32.3 points a game with over 7 assists and nearly 5 rebounds a game, enough to make All-NBA 3rd team for the sixth time in his career.

But, the Blazers are probably in the midst of a rebuild. They received a stroke of luck when they ended up with the third pick in the 2023 NBA Draft on Thursday night, their lottery combination being drawn despite long odds. It would make sense for them to try to build around whomever that player will be and cash out Lillard for assets.

And, after the 76ers crashed out of the playoffs with an embarrassing pair of losses in games 6 and 7 to the Boston Celtics, it’s hard to see them running back the same core again. Tobias Harris is a useful piece in trade negotiations to help match salaries, and young star Tyrese Maxey could be a very attractive piece to a team looking to dump a star and rebuild.

It makes a lot of sense for both sides, and that’s why Kendrick Perkins said on Tuesday morning he thinks the 76ers should be pursuing Damian Lillard. Take a look.

It would probably make sense for the Philadelphia 76ers, and even for Damian Lillard. But, it’s unknown if the Sixers have assets that can compete with what some other teams might offer the Blazers for a true star.