Kendrick Perkins Says James Harden Played Terribly During 2012 NBA Finals Because He Was Out Partying At Strip Clubs In Miami

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The James Harden partying stories are reaching legendary status.

On Friday, former OKC Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins went on Showtime’s All The Smoke podcast and told the story of Harden played terribly when the team was in Miami during the 2012 NBA finals because he was out partying at strip clubs all week.

When we went to Miami we couldn’t get a win to save our life, Russ and KD came to play, I had a couple double doubles, Serge was doing pretty good but man James ain’t gives us shit and you know why. Motherfucker, King Of Diamonds caught a hold of his ass. In San Antonio he didn’t have a damn thing to do, when we got to Miami there was everything to do and you couldn’t get that motherfucker to buy a bucket in that motherfucker.

Now we know why Harden has struggled in the playoffs all these years.

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