Playmate Of The Year Kennedy Summers Dumps Utah Jazz Center Jeff Withey Because Of ‘Social Media’

2014 Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers and Utah Jazz center Jeff Withey’s relationship has had more ups and downs than an O.J. Simpson lie detector test.

Back in June, the 29-year-old Summers got a hold of Withey’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and publicized her cheating suspicions

Summers then logged onto her Twitter account and posted the following, before deleting it: Could I please just once date a guy who isn’t fucking hoes on @Tinder while we’re dating.’

I’m no betting man, but I’d venture to guess that this would be their relationship. I was wrong.

Less than two months later, the two were engaged. To be married.

Welp, in the most recent events, Summers called the engagement off, citing “many issues.” She’s reportedly already moved out of the couple’s house. Cue the posterization:

Kennedy’s rep, Zack Teperman, issued a statement claiming social media played a huge role in the split.

“While it has its many pros, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can also create many issues within a relationship. The negative effects of social media have claimed yet another couple.”

Withey may have been perturbed by the fire pics his (ex) fiancee posted to her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Pics like these.

Bros, there’s no better time to slide in those DMs than right now! Happy Sliding!

[h/t TMZ]

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