Kentucky Fan Loses His Shit Over Salad, Louisville Loss, And His Grandparents Paid The Price

Bros, I actually graduated from the University of Kentucky and not even I care as much about the Wildcats football team losing to hated rival Louisville as 21-year-old Conner Karem, who beat the shit out of his grandparents because they got into an argument about salad after the Cats lost to the Cardinals.

According to Fox 19:

LMPD officers were called to the 100 block of Blue Fields Road on Saturday after the football game. That’s where Conner Karem “became violent after a brief discussion regarding salad,” according to his arrest report.

After Karem punched his grandfather in the face and nose, he “proceeded to repeatedly punch his grandmother, even after she fell to the floor,” the report said.

Conner, who suffers from seasonal depression and Asperger’s but is fully functional, didn’t seem like he was all there once cops showed up, with him, allegedly, spitting on an officer and actually telling him, “You’re lucky it wasn’t a gun,” according to the arrest report.

I mean, sure, it sucked that Big Blue blew a 21-point lead to Cards to lose by two touchdowns, finish 5-7 and miss out on a bowl game, but beating up family members over the loss and some deliciously refreshing salad isn’t really the proper way to relieve yourself of the frustration, bro.

As you might imagine, Conner faces multiple charges.

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