Kevin Durant Had Some Harsh Words For DeAndre Jordan, Who’s Whining About Being The New Hack-A-Shaq

The Clippers played host to the Thunder on Monday night and prior to tip-off, Kevin Durant offered a very candid opinion on the “Hack-a-‘Dre” strategy that many teams have been implementing for awhile now. And thank god he did, because Durant said EXACTLY what every player, coach, and fan have been thinking for quite some time.

“If you don’t want to get hacked, then work on your fucking free throws.”

Amen, Kevin. Amen. You just can’t bitch about this crap if you’re too busy hanging with the boys at the club.

Oklahoma City ended up winning the game 100-99, thanks to who else but Kevin Durant. Interestingly enough, DeAndre Jordan only made it to the free throw line four times, but he did miss twice. Oh what could’ve been.

The Clippers center has made just 90 of 231 attempts from the charity stripe on the season. That’s an abysmal 39%. Meanwhile, Steph Curry is shooting 45% from THREE-POINT RANGE.

Word of advice to DeAndre: Any time you think you’re done practicing foul shots, shoot another one. And another one. And another one.