Kevin Durant’s Unclear Future With The Nets Has NBA Fans Already Pioneering For His Services

Kevin Durant's Future With Nets Has NBA Fans Begging For His Services

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  • The Nets and Kevin Durant have not spoken since the season ended.
  • With KD’s future up in the air, NBA fans are already getting excited about the possibility.
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The Brooklyn Nets are sitting at home watching the Eastern Conference Finals and it can’t feel good. The situation with Kyrie Irving is up in the air, and now it appears that the future with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn is skeptical.

The fact that Durant and the nets have not spoken is a concern for both sides. When Durant came to Brooklyn, a championship was the expectation.

It didn’t happen, and James Harden forced a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers, and Irving might not be back with the franchise in 2022-2023.

Kevin Durant might not be in Brooklyn next year and fans are already begging for his services.

If Durant doesn’t return to Brooklyn, he will easily be the most coveted player in the free-agent market. So, yeah, fans quickly prepared their pitches for Durant to join their respective teams.

Others already had Durant photoshopped in different jerseys, including the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat. The Golden State Warriors jersey needs no photoshopping, although Durant heading back to Golden State would be far from ideal.

Now, this silence between the two sides could be nothing. After all, do people normally speak to their bosses on vacation?

Regardless of all of that, the Nets have a ton of questions to answer this offseason, and there is a possibility that neither Irving nor Durant are playing in Brooklyn next season.