Kevin Durant Calls Shannon Sharpe A ‘Drunk Uncle’ For Lying About A Quote He Never Said

Kevin Durant Calls Shannon Sharpe A Drunk Uncle For Lying About Him

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If there is one thing we have learned about Kevin Durant over his many years in the NBA it is the fact that if you say something publicly about him there is a very good chance that he will know about it, and very often react to it.

There may not be anyone in sports who is more willing to interact with those he feels may have slighted him.

He’s not always in the right, but this week, in the case of his latest beef, this time with Shannon Sharpe, he most certainly is.

On Monday’s edition of Undisputed, Sharpe talked about a quote that Durant made in which he said if he beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals, and LeBron is considered to be the GOAT, then what does that make him?

Just one problem. Durant never said that. (1:36 mark below)

Of course, Durant got wind of this and called out Sharpe, referring to him as a “drunk uncle” for his faulty research.

The internet quickly located the fake Kevin Durant quote that Sharpe may have been discussing.

This now makes two people in the media who have gotten fooled by that quote.

Whoever made that quote up is certainly getting a lot of mileage out of it.

Sharpe did not respond to Durant on Twitter, nor has he admitted is mistake. He’s probably saving it for his show. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sharpe banned Durant on Twitter.

So ridiculous.

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