Kevin From ‘The Office’ Plays Beer Pong Golf, A Drinking Game That Belongs On Every Bro’s Bucket List

I’ve always suspected Kevin from The Office being the one dude who is sneaky good at golf. I don’t know if there was ever an episode where Michael Scott and Kevin got to play the gentleman’s game together,
but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a savage with his short game.

“Celebrities in Golf Carts” is a web series that’s exactly what you think it is — cough, cough… “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” on a golf course. The most recent episode features Brian Baumgartner a.k.a. “Kevin” from “The Office” playing “beer pong golf,” which is EXACTLY what you think it is — pong but with beer in pitchers and a pitching wedge.

WATCH This Lanky Kid Juggle A Golf Ball Before Hitting A Hole-In-One: