WAH! WAH! People Are All Butt Hurt About Kevin Garnett’s Comment About Shaking Puppies

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Getty Image / Photo by Elsa

I love everything about Kevin Garnett. There’s a reason my AIM screen name was MattKG21. There’s a reason one of my most memorable birthday gifts was a Garnett T-Wolves jersey. There’s a reason why when he signed with my Boston Celtics, my penis tingled for a good couple days.

It’s because guys like KG are a dying breed. The dudes who have been named league MVP and invited to 15 All-Star games but plays every game with a chip on their shoulders. The guys who reject the current ‘buddy-buddy’ mentality among opposing players that is infesting the current NBA landscape. The dudes who hold themselves equally as accountable as they hold their teammates. The dudes who don’t give a fuck about their marketability and social media presence. The basketball traditionalists.

Garnett is a consummate professional through and through and it would take a lot for me to see it differently. Certainly more than the latest internet troll crusade for political correctness about his recent comments regarding the state of his young Timberwolves squad.

“How hard we play,” he said. “We play hard and we practice hard, so much like putting a bunch of puppies in a box and shaking it up and watching the puppies go at it a little bit.”



If anything, we should be thanking KG for this image:



Don’t change, KG. Don’t ever change. They’ll find a new cause to bitch about tomorrow. Just weather the storm for a few hours.

[h/t For the Win]

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