Kevin Hart Claims He Made A Ridiculous Purchase To Celebrate The Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl Berth

Kevin Hart supporting the Philadelphia Eagles

Getty Image / Andy Lewis

Philadelphia Eagles fans have long been viewed a bit differently than other fan bases around the NFL.

Many claim it’s because they once threw snowballs at Santa during an Eagles game.

Others dispute that claim, so maybe it has something to do with the way they celebrate their team’s success.

Their celebrations are now to get so out of hand that cops in the city grease light poles to stop fans from climbing them. It didn’t stop Eagles fans from making that climb after the team beat the 49ers to earn a Super Bowl berth.

Now one of their most famous fans is claiming he took his celebration a bit further. Today, Kevin Hart posted a video on TikTok claiming that he spent $16.5 million to buy an eagle to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles making it to the Super Bowl.

@imkevinhart Fly eagles Flyyyyyy 🦅 #TikTok #NailedIt #TikTokKing ♬ original sound – Kevin Hart

Ladies and gentlemen, I splurged a little bit. I went and bought an eagle, I bought that. $16.5 mill. Cash. I’m the only Black man with an eagle during Black History Month

The claim is certainly dubious. First of all, if Kevin Hart is spending $16.5 million on an eagle, then he needs to work on his negotiating skills when it comes to wildlife. Even at a time where prices are inflated on everything, that price seems ridiculous.

There are also definitely some questions about the legality of Hart actually owning the bird.

Instead, it appears that this is the setup for an upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring Hart.

Hart is a spokesperson for Draftkings Sportsbook, who seem like a pretty strong candidate to have a new commercial coming out during the week of the Super Bowl. Maybe the new commercial will just have Hart talking about eagles instead of “overdogs”.