Khloe Kardashian Is Reportedly Going Full Stage 5 Clinger To Lock Down Tristan Thompson

by 2 years ago

Khloe Kardashian is thirstier than you and I would be if we ate a sleeve of saltines while running the Phoenix marathon.

In the midst of reports surfacing that LeBron has banned Khloe from attending Cavs’ playoff games and Tristan allegedly asking Khloe to fall back a bit during the playoffs, Khloe has reportedly taken that as a sign to step on the gas.

According to Radar,

Kardashian is s more than willing to foot the bill if that’s what it takes to get her NBA beau down the aisle, an insider exclusively told

“She’s set aside half a million bucks, which she figures will pay for at least half the ceremony as well as dresses, catering, entertainment and a five-star honeymoon,” said the source.

As Radar reported, Kardashian, 32, has been lavishing her 26-year-old NBA pro-player boyfriend with expensive gifts, including jewelry and luxury trips, in an effort to keep their shaky relationship on track.

“This is Khloe’s way of showing Tristan she’s committed and happy to wear the pants in the relationship,” said the insider.

Adds the insider, “Tristan’s barely coping with becoming a new dad and Khloe’s driving him crazy with her needs, including offering to buy the ring. She wants a ring on her finger and a baby on the way and she won’t let up.”

It should also be noted that it hasn’t even been five months since Tristan and his ex had a baby together. Khloe has already one failed marriage with an NBA star, moved onto James Harden who basically said he made a massive mistake, and now she wants Thompson to propose to her at halftime of a playoff game. Jesus Khloe, when you squeeze sand too hard in your hand, it falls through the cracks. Do everyone a favor and marry an accountant for fucks sake.

[h/t Radar]

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