Klay Thompson And Dillon Brooks Have Heated Exchange After Warriors-Grizzlies Game

Dillon Brooks and Klay Thompson

Getty Image / Ezra Shaw

It’s been a while since the NBA had a villain team, but it seems the Memphis Grizzlies are taking on that role.

After defeating the Golden State Warriors in the regular season again, some heated words were exchanged between Klay Thompson and Dillon Brooks.

Memphis got the better of Golden State in Saturday night’s game, but that didn’t stop Klay Thompson from reminding everybody about how many championships his team has won.

Even so, it didn’t seem to bother Dillon Brooks one bit. Here he is in the post-game press conference responding to Thompson.

After that, Klay Thompson expressed how he really feels about Brooks.

Clearly, these two teams don’t like each other. Brooks seems to get in the heads of everybody in Golden State except for maybe Stephen Curry.

Either way, we just love a good feud when we see one. This kind of trash-talking is fun to watch. I’m ready to grab the popcorn every time!