Kliff Kingsbury Reportedly Being Interviewed For New Job

Former Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury

Getty Image / Norm Hall

It looks like Kliff Kingsbury’s break from football could be coming to an end soon.

After he was fired by the Arizona Cardinals, Kingsbury reportedly bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and was telling teams he wasn’t interested in a new job.

It seems that his plans have changed at some point over the last month.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, Kingsbury was in Houston today to meet with the Texans about a job on DeMeco Ryans’ coaching staff.

The report doesn’t state what position Kingsbury is meeting with the Texans about, but it feels safe to assume that is their currently vacant offensive coordinator position.

While Kingsbury might not be the most popular name in coaching searches right now, it’s actually a move that would make a lot of sense for the Texans.

Yes, Kingsbury’s head coaching career has been underwhelming. He has only finished above .500 3 times in 10 seasons as a head coach between college and the NFL.

However, he was a whole lot more impressive as an offensive coordinator.

His first job as a coordinator came with the Houston Cougars and he immediately made an impact for the program. He was named Offensive Coordinator of the Year and turned Houston into college football’s best offense before he left the program.

His next stop saw him continue to impress. He headed to Texas A&M to become their OC and immediately turned them into the SEC’s best offense. In his first year with the Aggies, they led the SEC in scoring, rushing, and passing.

The Texans are getting a fresh start with DeMeco Ryans and whoever they draft at quarterback this year and now it looks like they could give Kingsbury a fresh start as an NFL offensive coordinator.