Kobe Bryant Intercepts Opposing Player High-Fives In Awesome NBA 2K16 Feature


There have been a TON of cool features people have been talking about in the newly released video game NBA 2K16, which hit shelves on September 29th, but this Kobe Bryant one might just be my favorite of them all.

Kobe, who just sort of has the reputation of being a clever asshole in real-life on the basketball court, actually steps between teammates Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green following a made free-throw, preventing the two from giving each other some skin.

Seriously, that’s not a glitch, guys, so props to the developers for putting the cool feature into the game.

Just ask other guys in the league looking for high-fives after a free-throw, it can be harder than it might look!

[H/T FTW.USAToday]